Q + A

What type of gear do you use?

I shoot with two Nikon D4 full frame bodies and a variety of prime and zoom lenses.

What steps do you take to safeguard our images?

As soon as I get home from a wedding, I immediately back up all of the images taken during the day onto 2 separate external harddrives. One of the harddrives is kept at a secure off-site location. I also make use of online storage for the final edited jpegs as a third backup system.

Do you use a second photographer during weddings?

I don’t as I prefer to work alone. I’ve tried a few things to see what works and what I’m most comfortable with and I always go back to using only an assistant. My style is to keep it as simple as possible with someone to help me carry the heavy bags and run around after missing family members during the group photos. I do provide the option to bring in an additional second photographer for your wedding if it suits your needs. Normally, you only need two photographers if you are having a very large wedding with many guests (more than 120) or require photographs taken at the same time in different locations.

Do you take table shots?

Unfortunately I don’t. In my experience this takes up a lot of time and prevents me from noticing precious moments that are happening all around me and which has become such a part of my signature style. I’m at my happiest when I can just blend in during the reception and take photos of the moments and the emotions that are happening and that makes your family and group of friends special. I would highly recommend hiring a photo booth to get fun shots of all the guests.

Who chooses the photographs that goes into the album?

You do. After sending you your digital photographs, I will guide you through the steps of selecting your favourite ones to be put into the album.

I’m very camera shy. Do you have any tips on being more comfortable in front of the lens?

Don’t worry, we’re in the same boat! I also don’t like to have my photos taken. But over the years I’ve learnt a few tricks on making my clients feel at ease. I’m the type of person who has absolutely no “airs” about them and I often say something embarrassing or trip over rocks or other invisible objects, so we’re bound to have a laugh! If you’re still unsure, I’d suggest booking an engagement shoot beforehand to give you some practise before the big day.

What is required to book the date?

  1.  Fill in my enquiry form.
  2.  Wait for my email with my rates and packages.
  3.  Fill out my online booking form.
  4.  Carefully read through and accept my Terms & Conditions.
  5.  After receiving the invoice pay the 50% booking fee.
  6.  Smile! And tick me off your to do list :)

Do you travel for weddings?

Traveling to destination weddings is one of my favourite things to do and no place is too far for me! I have had the privilege of shooting weddings in Norway, Zimbabwe and Angola. Please get in contact with me and we can discuss a customised quote.

Do you accept credit cards or paypal payments?

Unfortunately not at this time. You can make use of a wire transfer if you are abroad.

Can I book you for my wedding more than 12 months in advance?

Unfortunately I only take bookings of 12 months or less in advance. But you are welcome to ask me for my rates to help you plan your budget.

How long will we be away from our guests for the couple shoot?

It’s very important for me that you enjoy your wedding day and that you don’t spend hours taking photos. Luckily, I work very fast and I’m usually done with the couple shoot in less time than planned. My advice is to make sure during planning that you schedule 30 minutes to an hour to spend with your guests so that you can truly enjoy your wedding along with the canapés and entertainment.