February 8, 2024

Manou & Cameron

Molenvliet Wine Estate

Myself and other well meaning service providers and family will always give the bride and groom (unsolicited) advice. We mean well. But it always goes along the lines of "take it all in, be present, the day goes by so fast." I'm pretty sure most people who plan a wedding have heard these lines a few dozen times before the big day arrives.

I only met Manou and Cameron once via video chat and then in person on the wedding day. Immediately it was evident that these are people that are 100% comfortable with themselves. No pretences here. Fun was going to be had and I was asked to document the day in a documentary style. Neither of them wanted any posed bridal or groom photos. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face the entire day.

It's one thing to tell yourself to be present and take in all the fleeting moments. But it's an entirely different story witnessing a couple completely embody this 'ideal'. And I'm pretty sure they didn't have to meditate on how to achieve this, this is just who they are as people.

I can honestly say I was inspired by this couple, their friends and especially their family on a very personal level. I watched their moms let go and have fun dancing during pre-drinks. Nothing was done simply because it's expected. They truly did enjoy themselves and I could feel it really hit home for me on that day. We all want our children to be happy. But how better than to show them by being genuinely happy yourself.

Planning & Coordination: Mosaic Weddings

Venue: Molenvliet

Hair & Makeup: Corlé Barnard

Flowers: Fox and Co

Catering: Annalize Catering

Entertainment: Shout MC

Staff: ASAP

Lighting: In and Out

Furniture: Urbantonic & Palm Event Hire

Table Top hiring: The Hire Haus

Coffee Station: Magnificent B Boys

Photo Booth: Propel